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Our Promise to You

Your wedding is going to be the most important day of your life.  We at Superior Limousine of Eureka Springs are honored to be considered for your wedding transportation needs. 

Our goal for your wedding is to stand behind our name and provide superior service to help make your special day one you won't forget.  We make every effort to cater to special requests so your service is more than just transportation.  It's another way to be pampered on your big day.

Congratulations to you and your partner for finding love! And you have our sincere appreciation for considering Superior Limousine of Eureka Springs to get you on the road to your "Happily Ever After."

Superior Standards

This list features helpful things to keep in mind, which we call "Superior Standards" that help us keep your special day a magical and safe experience. 

Guest Table Numbers


The earlier you book, the more time we have to discuss details and make sure the car is all set for your big day.  Planning a wedding can be hectic and you wouldn't want to forget transportation.  Therefore, we recommend crossing this one off your list as soon as possible. 

Driving with Gloves

Make Safety A Priority 

Your Chauffeur is so happy for you! He understands how important this day is and feels honored to be a part of it.  That being said, the scenic view of Eureka Springs is beautiful, but, full of curves and swerves that take a very skilled driver to navigate in a large vehicle.  Please refrain from excessively talking to him.  It helps avoid any distractions and gets you to your destination safely! 

Executive Making a Phone Call

Communicate Times

While things are always easier if you are punctual, timing on your wedding day can be unpredictable. Photos, vows and technical difficulties can sometimes run long and make you a little late.  Don't stress!   Just call or text your Chauffeur as soon as you know and we'll adjust!


Avoid Smoking 

Please avoid smoking in the limousine.  Not only does it affect the experience of other couples because of the lingering smell, but, it can be a medical concern for those with breathing problems such as asthma.  We want to make sure everyone has the ability to enjoy their ride and ask only this small favor of you to keep it that way!  If you need to smoke, ask if your Chauffeur can pull over.

Opening Car Door

Let Your Chauffeur Help

Your Chauffeur is a gentleman of the highest quality.  He is trained to pamper you!  It's the start of your life as a married couple - let it begin in luxury.  Let him open the door for you!  Not only is it nice to be catered to,  it's a sign of respect to his profession and a safety precaution for our lovelies in long dresses! 


Plan Your Route 

We plan the time of our rides and the route we take based on the information you provide.  As such, we ask that you not request your Chauffeur make additional, personal stops unless there is an emergency.  Please inform us of any places you would like to visit and we can adjust the route accordingly!

Wedding Celebration

What Our Customers Have To Say

"I began using Superior Limousine of Eureka Springs three years ago when they originally got started in the limo business.  All of the Chauffeurs are gentlemen who possess an exceptionally friendly personality with a warm and inviting nature instantly putting people at ease making Superior Limousine an ideal choice for anyone seeking a service-oriented limousine service."

Carol Cross, Eureka Springs, AR

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